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I'm delighted to find that O'Malley has kept his word.In exchange for taking reference photos of the Lettieri at Queen and Spadina, he's drawn me into the scene, lollipop-head and all.It's fun to cook piles of sopping meat, specifically, three types of pork shoulder.

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The morning after seeing O'Malley's legions line up, this fan brews some coffee and cracks open the last .A crowd of thousands cheers at the stroke of midnight, as his latest book, , goes on sale. The turnout for a Monday night block party speaks not just to shrewd organizing, or the imminent release of a large-scale movie starring other Ontario boy-made-good Michael Cera, but to the cultish devotion inspired by the hyper-local tale of awkward romance, untalented rock bands, Torontophelia, kick-punching, power-ups and an indolent hero who can be stuffed into his girlfriend's purse.Five hundred people line up for autographs, the queue snaking around the block, almost to Honest Ed's, the department store that was (spoiler alert) reduced to rubble in the third issue of the hexology. The night before the celebration of all things Mal (as his friends call him), he is feted at my table by a modest group of nine friends.Nell'ambito dell'operazione Last Fraud, che ha portato a 11 misure cautelari nei confronti di membri di un'associazione dedita a truffe online e giri di assegni false, i carabinieri di Reggio Emilia hanno effettuato una ventina di perquisizioni.

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LEGGI L'ARTICOLO Queste le modalità utilizzate dalla banda per le truffe.

The last time I cooked for O'Malley, it was also for his wife, cartoonist Hope Larson.