C5 3 consolidating an unprofitable subsidiary

11-Jul-2017 06:37

c5 3 consolidating an unprofitable subsidiary-39

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In deciding upon consolidation policy, the registrant must consider what financial presentation is most meaningful in the circumstances and should follow in the consolidated financial statements principles of inclusion or exclusion which will clearly exhibit the financial position and results of operations of the registrant.

There is a presumption that consolidated statements are more meaningful than separate statements and that they are usually necessary for a fair presentation when one entity directly or indirectly has a controlling financial interest in another entity.

Notwithstanding the 93-day provision specified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, in connection with the retroactive combination of financial statements of entities following a combination between entities under common control, the financial statements of the constituents may be combined even if their respective fiscal periods do not end within 93 days, except that the financial statements for the latest fiscal year shall be recast to dates which do not differ by more than 93 days, if practicable.

Disclosure shall be made of the periods combined and of the sales or revenues, net income before extraordinary items and net income of any interim periods excluded from or included more than once in results of operations as a result of such recasting.

c5 3 consolidating an unprofitable subsidiary-66

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In any case, the disclosures required by § 210.3A-03 should clearly explain the accounting policies followed by the registrant in this area, including the circumstances involved in any departure from the normal practice of consolidating majority owned subsidiaries and not consolidating entities that are less than majority owned.Instead, they are compiled at the end of an accounting period, typically a quarter or year, using the separately maintained accounting records from each subsidiary and the parent.

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